Kitchen Designers

Bespoke Kitchen Designers - Handmade with Love

Margetts and Margetts are delighted to announce the unveiling of our brand new website for 2019. It’s taken us a few years to find a company as we’ve been so busy with all the latest bespoke designed kitchens, we’ve expanded as a kitchen company year on year.

Beautiful Kitchens

Our Kitchen designers are using some of the latest kitchen design software. Over the past 10 years we have managed to obtain a wide resource of beautiful kitchen appliances and provided locally sourced high quality kitchen cabinet makers that are highly skilled and qualified.

Kitchen Ideas

Our kitchen ideas come from years of designing, using the space provided and working very closely with each customer to cater for their budget and providing each with their dream kitchen. Worktops, Cabinets, to taps and bespoke tiles, each kitchen is handmade to perfection.

Kitchen Workshop

At Margetts and Margetts we have our very own Kitchen workshop where our very own team of carpenters and joiners create our beautiful kitchens for our fitters and installers. Our bespoke kitchens displayed are a small sample of finished kitchen installations. Contemporary to Inform Shaker kitchens, we guarantee your kitchen will take your breath away, handcrafted with love.